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Here are some links where you should be able to download Johnny

Modernised versions

Jaap van Wingerden from the Netherlands has written a special execution environment for Johnny. Here's what it does:

1. Switches to 640x480 before the screensaver starts running, so Johnny will show up full-screen.
2. Standard configuration dialog lets you configure more properties of the ScreenAntics.ini file.
3. Screen Antics will now show up in the XP Screen-saver configuration dialog without special tweaking
4. Removed "Set Password" feature, since that's managed by Windows itself now.
5. No external directories, like "c:\sierra\scrantic" needed anymore, only "ScreenAntics.scr" and "scrantic.ini" in the Windows directory.

Jaap warns that the program is still beta, but he thinks it should work. “I've tried it on multiple systems by now. Use at your own risk though.” It certainly works on my system! The uninstaller doesn't work yet, but Jaap is working on it — of course, you can always select a different screen saver, or “none” if you don't want to run Johnny any longer.

Jaap's website containing the updated version is unfortunately no longer available, but thanks to some detective work by Thomas Wayne, I've been able to put a copy on my website. You can get it from jaapsetup.exe

A very big thank you to Jaap for writing it.

Mel Salverson from Oregon has found that the software company Versis has also tweaked Johnny to run on modern systems, and he's used it successfully to install Johnny under XP Home. Go to www.versis.co.uk and you'll find the link at the bottom of the page.

The following sites worked the last time I tried them.

ultradownloads.com.br Put Johnny Castaway in the search box.


Specially for XP users

If you use Windows XP you may have a few problems running Johnny. Our Download Help page has a section on how to do this, but Jonathan Hanson has bundled instructions of how to install Johnny on a Windows XP machine, together with the installation program itself, and you can download it here: Johnny Castaway.zip

Vista and 7 32- and 64-bit users

Joex.com: http://blog.joex.com/getting-johnny-castaway-to-run-on-windows-7-x64/ has instructions on how to run Johnny under 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

Remember, you should always virus-check programs you download, before you try to run them

If you don't have a virus checker on your system (and you really shouldn't try surfing the Internet without one), here are a few sites where you can download one:

You can also get them from magazine cover discs, or even buy them from a computer store!

If you want some help and advice on downloading and/or installing the screen saver, please click here.

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