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This site is dedicated to the enjoyment of the Screen Antics Johnny Castaway screensaver.
See the Download Johnny for Free section, lower down the page for details of how to get a free copy.

Johnny is marooned on a very small desert island with one coconut palm, and he occupies his time with various activities:

Building raft

From time to time he has visitors, some of which he sees, and some he doesn't. He gets attacked by tiny pirates.

Johnny's island gets special adornments at various times of the year — New Year's Day, Christmas, etc.

And sometimes, really unusual things happen.

Sometimes, he manages to escape from his island.

Click on the links to see what unusual activities we've found in these areas.

A couple of guys have found the connection between some of these events and the settings in the ini file (scrantic.ini or JohnCast.ini) -- you can find details of this on the Story Page.

If you see any activities not shown here, e-mail me, , and I'll add them to the site. Even if you only see the activities already mentioned, e-mail me anyway, I'm always pleased to hear from fellow Johnny Castaway enthusiasts!

There are a few bugs in the program which may appear - check out the Bugs page to see the ones we know about.

Download Johnny Castaway for Free

The Johnny Castaway screen saver was originally published by Sierra On-Line, Inc in 1993, and they later transferred the rights to However, Johnny no longer seems to be available from their site, but there are lots of places where you can download him. To get links to some of them, click here, or on the Download Johnny icon on the left hand side of the page.

If you want some help and advice on downloading and/or installing the screen saver, please look at my Download Help Page.

Windows XP

Johnny seems to run under all 32 bit versions of Windows (but check the Bugs Page for possible problems). Daniel Lee Howe told me in April 2001 that Johnny runs happily under Windows ME and 2000 (although you may have to change the pointer to the data files in the .ini file for Windows 2000), and Frank Williams confirmed in August 2001 that Johnny feels right at home running under Windows ME.

However, there are problems getting Johnny to work under Windows XP, if you are still using it. Although the install program seems to work, Screen Antics doesn't appear on the list of screen savers. It appears that XP will only run 32 bit programs as screen savers, and poor old Johnny has only 16 bits! You can run Johnny as a program — for example, put an icon on your desktop pointing to C:\windows\scrantic.scr — but not as a screen saver. I do have reports of people successfully running Johnny as a screen saver with the Professional version of XP (thanks to Ray Gillespie).

Jaap van Wingerden has managed to modify Johnny's environment so that, among other things, he should run under Windows XP without any problems. More details here.

Although Johnny will run under Windows NT and Windows 2000, the self-extracting zipped file, johncast.exe, that you download from most places, probably won't self-extract - you'll have to use an unzipper to do it.

Windows Vista to 8.1

J M Raymer has made a Windows Vista compatible version of Johnny Castaway, and he’s uploaded it to Easy-share for us all to use. Here’s the link: “It is a simple Winrar-made installer – just run the file and set your screensaver to ‘Screen Antics’.” Thanks Jacque for all that. You need to wait for a few seconds after the page comes up, and then enter the code shown in the graphic.

This link has a version of Johnny for Windows 7 and above: The site is in Brazil, so the instructions are in Portuguese, but Google will translate for you, if your Portuguese is a bit rusty! The English translation goes something like this: “After downloading the compressed (.zip) file, unzip it to any folder of your choice (you can use 7-Zip, for example, to unzip). Then double-click the setup.exe file, which will open a blue screen with the title “Installing Screen Antics”. Choose a folder and wait for the installation to finish. Once complete, it automatically opens the Windows 7 customisation screen. Click Screen Saver in the lower right corner and select the Screen Antics name.”

Note that Johnny Castaway will not run under 64-bit versions of Windows without some tweaks.

A Turner has written to me to say that he has found a tutorial that will let run Johnny on 64 bit systems, and he's used it successfully. Here is the link:

The blog in this link has another method of getting Johnny to run on modern versions of Windows:


There is no Mac version of Johnny - if you want to run Johnny on a Mac, you'll have to use a PC emulator.


Similarly Linux users can use the Wine package ( Run Johnny by typing from the command line:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/SCRANTIC.SCR
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/SCRANTIC.SCR /S (to skip the settings checkbox).

The URL for Johnny's page in Wine's Application Database
Thanks to Alwin and Jean-Claude Gervais for that information.

Need Help?

If you want some help and advice on downloading and/or installing the screen saver, please click here.

If you are having problems running Johnny, or you have any questions, check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

New Version of Johnny Castaway?

I'm often asked whether there will ever be a new version of Johnny Castaway - I'm afraid the answer is probably no. Sierra, the original publishers, have given up the rights, and it's unlikely any other software company will pick them up. It's possible that might develop Johnny, but I think that's unlikely.

Sly Slim screenshot

However, an Australian software company called Anasoft Consulting, have come up with a very nice screensaver which, like Johnny, throws up random scenes for your enjoyment. Their’s is, however, truly a screensaver for the 21st century, featuring impressive 3D graphics, and it runs under Windows XP with no problems. The main character is a skeleton called Sly Slim - he’s using a metal detector in the picture on the right. You need a fairly modern computer running Widows 2000 or XP to follow his adventures, but if your setup is less than three years old, you should be fine - anyway, there’s a free demo that you can download to make sure your computer is suitable.

The full version is available at the moment for the bargain price of only US$4.95, and this gets you an 88 MB program (it can be mailed to you on CD for an additional charge, if you don't fancy downloading it). You can also become a partner, and help finance more scenes, for US$19.95 (including a full copy of the screensaver).

To get more details, look at some screenshots, and generally find out all about Sly Slim, go to

Johnny's Creators

Around 1992, Shawn Bird was asked to design a character that was "weathered but likable" for a new screen saver to be called Johnny Castaway. You can read about this, and see his original concept sketch, on his web site at

Shawn has written to say: Johnny was created by a small group of guys headed up by Jeff Tunnell. Jeff started Dynamix and spun off a division called JTP (Jeff Tunnell Productions) and we did JC. The lead designer of the project was Chris Cole. He and Art Director Brian Hahn came up and produced all the gags for the screensaver. Animator Sherry Wheeler made much of amazing animations. Jeff now runs Garage Games and Chris and Brian are about to release a game from Monster Studios


Johnny is hosted by Talk Talk, and the actual address is, but if you want to future-proof Johnny's address, bookmark, and then you can follow Johnny wherever he goes!


Stefan Sjö has set up a mirror of the Johnny Castaway site in Sweden on

And Maria Bare has set up a mirror of the Johnny Castaway site in the US at

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